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A True Marketers Affiliate Program (A Money Maker)


...If You Forgot Your Aff. ID# Affiliate LOGIN  

Here's Your War Plan To Get Your Upgrade For FREE:
Just 2 Vault Signups Pays You $47.94 Every Month
3 MRR Signups Pockets You $56.61 Once :-)
Uncut Since I Pay Your PayPal Receiving Fee
Now Get Busy - Happy Hunting 

First You Need To Register As My Affiliate Partner

 Where Is My Affiliate URL? Login To Your Affiliate Area
Inside You Can Find A Bunch Of Links With Your ID# Embedded Already
Click "Links >> Get links" then look to the far right of the product you want to promote and click "links »»"

After You Have Registered Yourself As Our Affiliate Partner

Your First Goal Is To Get 2 (yes just two) Signups So Your Own Membership Fee Is Paid

Then It's All Profit. Trust Me, There Is Nothing Better Than Recurring Residual Income

How Do I Get My 2 Or More Signups?
Promote, Promote & Promote Some More! YUP, You HAVE To Actively Do Something
No, it's not a lame joke but dead serious. Without making anybody aware of your offer and if you do not have the persistence needed then the Internet is and will never be your meat & potatoes.
Yes, I know you (well, at least I WAS..!) are constantly bombarded with offers: Simply give us your money and then we'll do the rest for you! All you ever need from now on is the "tedious" task of counting your money, sipping Pinã Coladas served by beautiful Caribbean natives. . .It sounded too good to be true and if you haven't figured it out yet --- I can tell you that it was..! COUNTLESS Times. . .And still to this day you will be lied to. Do you know why? Because the lies PAY well - The Admins of these dubious "get rich schemes" are getting RICH Like Rock Stars, they are filling their bellies selling hope & dreams! Do they even care about you? I don't think so ---
Promote, Promote & Promote Some More! The BEST place in my humble opinion is in the Forums - NOT Necessarily only In The Internet Marketing Forums
(the Admin there is the one making money) so you should also visit Forums where YOU at least understand or preferably even consider yourself knowledgeable! And the topic doesn't matter because all you do is establishing report, building up a reputation of knowing about breading habits of Goldfish. YUP, I wrote Goldfish because it doesn't matter what topic you're knowledgeable - just subdue your urge for blatant direct advertising
Well Written Questions, Good Answers & Advice Leads To Clicks On Your Signature File

I'll eat my Hat (eeeh - Helmet, I'm a Danish Viking remember ) if I'm not correct in assuming that 99.7% of all internet users are looking for an opportunity to live off the Internet & The Unselfish Marketer is a strong partner.

Step by step - Here's how:
1) Google: "any_topic+forum" (use " " to limit & target google results)
2) Register in the first 10 forums matching your inquiry - Now Google something else
3) Sample Sigs (Your Forum Signature in every post you make)

The <font color="blue"><a href="http://unselfishmarketer.com/?aff_id=XXXX">Unselfish Marketer</a></font>
Will Link to: http://unselfishmarketer.com but will look like this: The Unselfish Marketer

Some Forums Only Allow BBC CODE:
Visit [url=http://unselfishmarketer.com/?aff_id=XXXX]The Unselfish Marketer[/url]
Will Link to: http://unselfishmarketer.com but will look like this: Visit The Unselfish Marketer

4) Post answers to questions, ask wise questions and start threads
(see: how to post)

How To Post - Quick One Page Guide (opens a new window too)

If your unable to view this post Sign Up Here

Forum Tools:

$47 Free: With special permission from Russel Bronson (thank you :-)) I'm allowed to give you this tool that will organize your Forum Efforts. Normally the reseller license doesn't allow anybody to give Forum Fortunes away -- Even inside a paid membership area -- Grab this software now: Forum Fortunes Grab the updated Forum Submitter Pro

Free: I also recommend that you quickly read "Forum SuperTips." This ebook opened my eyes to the power of forums. I would spend an hour or two with this ebook before your post in any forum: Download Forum Supertips Here

The ONLY purpose for these reseller links are to direct people to UnselfishMarketer.com and promote The Vault Membership so you can earn monthly residual income = $23.97 every month per signup for life - I pay PayPal's receiving fee for you so YOU get all $23.97 "uncut"

All The Best In Your Success

Tim Nicholson

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