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Resell Rights


1. Introduction
Digitally delivered products bundled with resell rights offer a relatively easy and inexpensive means for generating online profits, especially to those with minimal budgets and Internet marketing experience.

The common misconception that Resell Rights Products (RRP's) are a dead opportunity frequently stems from what is perceived to be the overabundance of RRP's online. While it is true that RRP's are widely available online and often times at very low cost, RRP's are far from being a dead opportunity.....as you will soon discover.

It was only a few years ago that RRP's online were both rare and expensive. In late 2002, for example, I was inquiring about purchasing the resell rights to an ebook I had recently read. I was informed that the basic resell rights license would cost a whopping $800! Until recently, offering resell rights to digitally delivered products (at any price) was still something of a rarity because the profit potential hidden in the sale of offering resell rights was known to only a handful of Internet marketers.

Eventually, as Internet marketers came to understand the incredible viral potential inherent in creating RRP's, the cost of acquiring resell rights to a digitally delivered item fell dramatically.
Now it is not uncommon for an Internet marketer to launch an information product or software program with full master resell rights for $37 or $47, something that would have been practically unheard of just a few years ago.

At the time of this writing a number of different types of resell rights licenses exist online, they include:
1. Basic Resell Rights
2. Master Resell Rights
3. Private Label Rights


 Basic Resell Rights- the license holder may use all associated promotional material including the main sales page and related graphics to resell the product, generally at a predetermined price. The license holder may not alter the product itself in any way nor can they sell the resell rights.

A basic resell rights license comes with many restrictions, but more often than not the restrictions preserve the value and integrity of the product.

 Master Resell Rights- the license holder may use all associated promotional material including the main sales page and related graphics to resell the product, generally at a price determined by the reseller. The license holder may not alter the product itself in any way (unless it is rebrandable) but they can sell the resell rights to others who may in turn do the same.

Master Resell Rights products (MRR) rapidly lose value for the original buyer because of their extraordinarily viral nature and lack of restrictions. It is not at all uncommon to see an MRR product sell for just a few dollars after it had sold just a few weeks earlier for $47 or $67.

However, an informed reseller can still make plenty of profit from devalued MRR products provided that know how to market them appropriately.

Private Label Rights- the license holder may use all associated promotional material including the main sales page and related graphics to resell the product at the price determined by the reseller. The license holder may alter the product in any way they deem fit as well as resell either basic or master resell rights. Generally the only restriction with private label rights (PLR) products is that the private label rights may not be resold.

PLR products are excellent because the product itself may be altered to include the new owners website and or affiliate links and, in the case of ebooks, may even be broken up to create multiple products. Unfortunately, PLR products are usually either expensive to acquire or are of very poor
quality, sometimes both. As with MRR products, PLR products tend to lose their value extremely rapidly.

You may also study All Rights Explained for further research on the types of rights offered today – it’s an excellent resource.

Where To Get Resell Rights Products

Before you can start making money with RRP's, you first need to get your hands on a few RRP's.
You can find oodles (yes, I said 'oodles') of RRP's using any or all of the following five methods:

1) Ebay - You can find thousands upon thousands of RRP's at Ebay for $1 or $2. In fact, I've been able to find dozens of RRP's on Ebay in just about every conceivable niche including travel, babies, music, entertainment, weddings, pets, cars, and many others. In contrast, a standard web search for
these kinds of RRP's will frequently yield few, if any results.

Not surprisingly, most of the RRP's offered on Ebay are in the Internet Marketing niche mainly because these kind of products have the greatest demand.

2) Membership Sites - For a monthly fee of about $27-$97 a month you can join a resell rights membership site and download dozens of relatively new RRP's. Membership sites are great because someone basically does all the work of locating quality RRP's for you, all you have to do is download them. Unfortunately, resell rights membership sites have a tendency of going out of business very fast due to the fierce competition.

If you are going to join a membership site here is one you can TRUST:
Turbo Membership

3) Newsletter Subscriptions - Many newsletters owner, particularly those in
the IM niche, will frequently offer RRP's to their subscriber base often times
at no cost.
You can find thousands of newsletters to subscribe to by searching the
following the directories:
• www.ezinehub.com
• www.newsletteraccess.com
• www.ezinelocater.com
• www.free-ezines.net
• www.enewstandonline.com
• www.ezinefinder.com

You should really try to join at least 20 of the newsletters you are interested in.

Note: I don't suggest subscribing to these newsletters with your main email address. Instead, create a 'throwaway' email address at Yahoo!, Hotmail or Gmail and use that. Using a 'throwaway' email address prevents your main email address from being spammed relentlessly with junk emails. This is exactly what will happen when you subscribe to this many newsletters.

4) JV Giveaways- These are basically online events held either indefinitely or for a limited period of time whereby Internet Marketers try to build their lists by giving away RRP's. While most of the RRP's given away at these events are not of the best quality, some are very good and certainly worth
offering an email address for.

5) Forum Special Offers (FSO's) - These are probably the best places to find RRP's because you can often purchase RRP's when they are brand new which in turn means they have very little exposure. The newer an RRP is the easier it will be to make money with the resell rights.

Generally the most profitable RRP's (from the perspective of the reseller) are those that:

1. Can be purchased within just a few days of product launch
2. Have excellent sales pages and marketing materials
3. Offer high quality and informative content.

FSO's are one of the very few places I know of where you can purchase RRP's hot off the presses. A good one will generally cost between $47-$97, sometimes more, but they are usually well, well worth it.

Later in this report I will show how you how to make some really fast cash with these kind of RRP's.

For the time being, keep your eye out hot off the presses RRP's

Remember too that just because an RRP has been in circulation for a while doesn't necessarily mean you can't make money with it. An RRP may have been in circulation for years and seen by millions of prospects. However, the Internet is super massive and there are millions more people who will have
not seen this particular product and to them it will be like new.

Before acquiring a circulated RRP, ask yourself these two questions:

1) Is there a reasonably sized and attractive market for this product?
2) Are the marketing materials and related graphics convincing and of
high quality?

In my experience, the easiest kind of RRP's to market online are those geared towards the personal finance and money making markets. It's not rocket science to figure out why these markets are so attractive and lucrative.

Money is extremely important and the vast majority of people will gladly pay for a product that either shows them how to make more money, save more money, or increase the buying power of their current money.

Below is a list of more specific niches within the personal finance and money making markets:

• Internet Marketing (anything related to making money on the Internet)
• Real Estate Investing
• Home Business Ideas
• Forex Trading (trading foreign currencies)
• Securities Investing (stocks, bonds, etc.)
• Home Loan/Mortgage Refinance
• Student Loan Consolidation
• Credit Repair
• Poker/Gambling

This isn't to say that there are not other equally lucrative markets for RRP's.

In my experience the markets listed above are the easiest to find RRP's, as well as the easiest to penetrate and make money in especially if you're Internet marketing skills are minimal.

If you come across an RRP that doesn't correspond to one of the markets listed above but is very unique and attractive do some simple keyword research and evaluate its market potential.

You can download a really great free keyword research tool here:

Good Keywords - www.goodkeywords.com

If there appears to be a high volume of searches, you'll want to go to Ebay and search the  completed listings for similar items. If the related items are selling consistently more than 50% of the time and there are at least several hundred completed auctions then the RRP may be worth purchasing and marketing.

In the next few chapters I am going to show you the easiest and most cost effective ways of marketing your RRP's. You may be surprised at how easy and profitable some of these methods really are!

Market Preparation

If you haven't already done so create a folder somewhere on your computer called “My Resell Rights Products” (or whatever you would like to call it) and start filling it with as many RRP's as you can. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any hot off the presses RRP's by checking FSO's and your
inbox as these will be your biggest and quickest money makers.

Personalize Your Sales Page

The first thing you are going to want to do to your sales page is personalize it so that it is not a carbon copy of every other sales letter for that product.
Some resellers go as far as to rewrite the sales letter completely so that it is totally unique. This is only advisable if the original sales copy was never very good to begin with, in which case you never should have bought the material anyway.

When I say personalize the material I mean you need to add a little more spunk to the original sales letter. By far the best way to do this is by adding either an audio or video element to the sales letter.

Included in your bonus folder that should have come bundled with this report, is a copy of Web Audio Plus and CamStudio each of which will allow you to create either an audio or video clip and add it to your website even if you have no technical experience.

Adding a video clip....

Online videos are extremely popular at the moment and are expected to grow in popularity as high speed internet access becomes more widely available. If the kind of RRP you are reselling relates to the internet, specifically to Internet Marketing then your video clip should be a visual demonstration of the product in action.

Here is a really great example:

Turbo Membership

The product being sold is a membership that offers everything a marketer needs to run a business online. The video offers what words can not express; a visual demonstration of the value of the membership. Quite impressive indeed.

Suppose that the RRP you were promoting was about blog monetization. You could use the Camstudio software and record a video demonstrating how your blog had been monetized thanks to the product you are reselling. If you were not actually applying the information, you could just find someone who actually had applied the information and create a video of their blogs.

If there is anyway you can create a video demonstration by all means do so even if it is very short. It is certain to improve your conversion rates dramatically and set you apart from your competitors.

Adding an audio clip....

If there is absolutely no way for you to create a video clip (or you simply were not able to make a one with good resolution) an audio clip that offers a brief description will also personalize your sales page and improve your conversion rates.

For your audio clip, give a brief description of the benefits of the product you are selling and explain the problem that it solves. Also assure the listener that your product is backed by a money back guarantee and thus their purchase is risk free.

Be sure to write out a script and rehearse it before attempting to record your sales message. Try to keep your sales message under 3 minutes as people have a tendency to get annoyed with sales messages that exceed that length. If you are using web audio plus to create your sales message, enable your message to begin once someone opens up your website (you will see an option for this once you have finished your recording).

Create An Autoresponder Series

Now that you have created an audio and/or video cliip for your sales page you are going to want to create an autoresponder series (or email course) and a squeeze page for your RRP. Some RRP's will include this with your purchase, but it's not very common.

To create your autoresponder series you will need to create a 7 part report that covers some of the more exciting features of the product you are promoting.

This is not as difficult as it sounds.

Each part of the autoresponder series needs to be only a paragraph or two. So for the entire autoresponder series you will need to write somewhere between 7-14 paragraphs. The autoresponder series should give just enough information to entice the reader to buy. Of course, even if your prospect doesn't buy you're still building a targeted email list which is worth its weight in gold. Within each autoresponder email you will need to have a link to your sales page. You should usually have one link to your main sales page per paragraph.

For your autoresponder series and list management I highly suggest using Aweber. Their services are very affordable ($20 per month), their interface is very easy to use, and their customer service is excellent. If you are serious about making money online you absolutely must have an autoresponder account setup somewhere!

Create A Squeeze Page

Now that you have your autoresponder configured and uploaded to whatever autoresponder service you've chosen to use you're going to need to create a squeeze page. Sometimes a squeeze page will be included with the purchase of your RRP but usually not.

A squeeze page is the sales page for your autoresponder series but instead of offering the information in exchange for money, you are offering a little bit of information in exchange for an email address.

A squeeze page doesn't have to be anything elaborate. All you really need is a headline, a brief list of benefits, and an opt in box.

Here is some really good examples of squeeze pages:

Turbo Membership


101 Turbo Marketing Gems

To make life easier for you I have included a squeeze page template within the bonus folder that came bundled with this report.

Your squeeze page, not your main sales page, is what you will be drawing traffic to.

As you will discover, it is much easier to pre-sell a product than it is to directly sell it. Drawing traffic to your squeeze page rather than your sales page will almost always produce better overall sales figures while building you're all important e-mail list at the same time.

Create A One Time Offer Page

One Time Offers (OTO's) are used in a wide variety of ways The OTO I suggest you create is one that will be immediately visible once a prospect has opted in to receive your email course. Ordinarily the prospect would see a simple thank you page, but with an OTO the prospect gets a chance (a one time chance) to purchase a bundle of related products for a bargain price.

To create your OTO try to find 6-10 related RRP's in your Resell Rights Products folder and offer a brief description of each. With an OTO, the sales letter for each product doesn't have to be very good as all you will need are a few lines from each describing the product. Because each product will only receive a brief description, make sure that the graphic for each is top notch. The opening headline for your OTO needs to be attention grabbing and remind the reader that this offer will never appear again. Then, as the reader reaches the end of your OTO, remind them that they would be foolish to pass on an this incredible offer.

To make life easier for you, I have also included a basic OTO template within your bonus folder.... you're welcome!

Once you have your OTO set up give your bundle of RRP's a price of $10 - $27, I suggest using $17 or $27. After your OTO is completely finished and uploaded to your hosting account you will then need to add it as your autoresponder thank you page.

With Aweber this is very easy to do. On the “Web Form” tab you will be asked to accept either the default thank you page or enter the URL of your own custom thank you page. This of course is where you will enter the URL of your OTO page.

At this point you should have successfully created your autoresponder series, your squeeze page, your OTO, and added your OTO to your autoresponder account so that it displays once someone signs up for your email course.

In the next chapter I will show you a few ways to get targeted traffic to your squeeze page and to your sales pages.

Low Cost Traffic Methods

Before you ever start bringing traffic to your sales and squeeze pages, you need to make sure that absolutely everything is working properly. Doing so could save you many headaches in the future.
Here is a little checklist of things to do before you start marketing your RRP's:

1) Make sure your download pages are working properly If your buyers are unable to download their purchase immediately upon completion of their payment, they will not be very happy and this could lead to numerous hateful emails and refund requests.

2) Make sure your different pages load properly If one of your graphics isn't loading properly or the text on your pages looks strange your sales and leads could be detrimentally affected.

3) Make sure your files unpack/unzip properly and the documents/software contained within them also work properly.

4) Review and test your autoresponder series.

If you are using Aweber, testing your autoresponder series is exceptionally easy. Once you have written the content for each email you will see a “test” button that will allow you to send a test email. After the email has been sent, open it and read it. Be certain that there are no missing words or
grammatical mistakes.

Now that you've carefully reviewed all of your work let's take a look at some quick, low cost methods for getting traffic.

Pay Per Click Campaigns Using Discounted Adwords Credits.

Google Adwords is arguably the quickest method for generating traffic and it is an excellent way to get an idea of how well your sales and squeeze pages are converting. The downside is that Adwords advertisements can be a little pricey and this can be a bit of an impediment to those who are “budget conscious.”

Fortunately, thanks to the miracle that is Ebay, you can purchase Adwords credits at substantial discounts, usually at 80-90% off what you would normally pay. This means that for $4 of $5 you can start generating leads and sales immediately to get a good idea of how well your squeeze page,
autoresponders, and sales page converts.

If you are unfamiliar with how to setup a Adwords campaign you should set aside a few hours and watch the videos available at the Adwords Learning Center. Absolutely everything you need to know about creating, launching, and improving your Adwords campaigns can be found at the Adwords
Learning Center.

Important Note: At some point or another you will likely come across some information product that promises to show you some amazing tricks to improve your adwords campaigns. I can promise you that about 99% of the information contained within these products is derived from material that is
freely available in the Adwords learning center. So save yourself some money and familiarize yourself with the video tutorials available at the learning center.

If you keep your click through bids to between 5 and 10 cents each you should be able to get plenty of clicks and get a few leads and sales. Not bad considering you only paid $5 for advertising!

Forum Advertising

Forums are excellent places to get targeted traffic to your squeeze page and sales pages. There is a forum for every conceivable niche, and best of all, it generally costs nothing to join a forum and promote your products and services.

Most forums allow you to include a signature file that appears at the bottom of each post you make and this in turn allows you to get free exposure to your target market. The trick to forum marketing is to disguise your intention and actually become a valued member of the forum community.

If it becomes clear that you are making forum posts merely for the purposes of getting leads and sales, you will either be banned by the forum administrators or ignored by the rest of the forum community.

Before you can start marketing your RRP's in forums, you first need to find some forums where your target market hangs out. You can easily locate a forum on any niche by using the search engine
available at www.big-boards.com. Simply type in a couple of keywords related to your RRP and you should be able to find at least a few related forums.

Forum Search Engine


If you are looking to market an RRP in the Internet Marketing/ Make Money/ Internet niches, you can use the following list to locate 101 related forums:


Generally, I have found that the Warrior Forum is a more than sufficient place for generating leads and sales in the above mentioned niches. If you are very ambitious and have a lot of time on your hands then the above list should suit you well.

After you have located a few forums that match the target market of your RRP you next need to develop an intriguing and eye catching signature file.

In my experience the most attention grabbing signature profiles are those that either ask some sort of question or make some kind of outrageous question.

For example, suppose you were selling an RRP about selling digitally delivered products on Ebay. You could then create the following hyperlink in your signature profile:

“Did You Know You Can Use Ebay To Create A Thriving Business Without Spending A Penny On Inventory?”

Such a statement will inevitably produce curiosity and this will produce click thrus to your your squeeze page which will in turn result on profits for you.

As I said a moment ago, when marketing products in forums you want to disguise your intentions and try as much as possibly to gain credibility within the forum community. This can be somewhat difficult if you know very little about the topic of your RRP.

Fortunately most forums allow you to search the archived content of their forums. This means that you can “borrow” the knowledge of other forum members and use it to give yourself the exposure and credibility you need to market your RRP.

You can accomplish this by scanning the forum for questions that have recently been posted and then using the “search” function to search the content of the forum for answers to that same question and then posting those past answers using your ID and signature file.

You'd be very surprised how frequently forum members post questions without ever considering the search function. By using past forum content and using it to answer forum members questions you will gain credibility as an expert and will also get eyeballs looking at your signature file.

Another quick and easy way to get exposure is by searching the forum for topics that have previously been popular and then making a similar post.

Ebay Classifieds
You can use Ebay to save money on a wide array of physical and digital products as well as a tool for performing market research.

Ebay recently incorporated a classifieds section into their regular auction listings. For $9.95 you can now purchase a 30 day Ebay classified advertisement.

Ebay classified ads are a little bit different from regular Ebay listings in that the item being offered for sale in a classified ad must be purchased outside of Ebay. Therefore, there is no feedback score indicating the accuracy of the item for sale.

However, you can do much more with a classified listing than is possible with a normal auction listing. Within a regular auction listing, Ebay generally forbids links to products or services for sale outside of Ebay and also prohibits the use of opt-in boxes like those found on squeeze pages.

Ebay classifieds don't have these restrictions and are therefore ideal for listing a squeeze page.

Important Note: If you are using Frontpage to create your squeeze pages and generate your HTML code, make sure you are not using javascript of any kind as Ebay does not allow Java script of any kind. Also, don't include the “<body>,</body>” tags in your listing as Ebay does not allow this either.

As with just about any advertisement, the headline of your classified ad is the most important element. With Ebay headlines, I have found that the best ones avoid using all capital letters and instead capitalize the first letter of each word. As with other headlines I have found that attention grabbers like 'shocking,' 'secret,' 'discover,' 'amazing,' 'unbelievable,' 'revealed,' and 'how to,' work pretty well for drawing attention.

Import Note: Although Ebay auctions really are an excellent way of selling RRP's, doing so  successfully requires a great deal of marketing expertise. I therefore don't advise using Ebay’s auction listings to sell your RRP's (especially your new release RRP's) as you will more than likely end up devaluing your products and making little money from them.

The Perfect RRP

The perfect RRP meets all of the following criteria:

1. It is brand new and largely uncirculated.
2. Comes equipped with Master Resell Rights or even Private Label Rights.
3. Has excellent graphics, marketing materials, and an excellent sales letter.
4. The actual product is of very high quality and offers the buyer real value for their money.
5. The seller includes within the marketing materials a squeeze page, an autoresponder series, an OTO page, and/or a prerecorded audio and video clip for the main sales page.
6. If it is an information product, the seller offers at least partial rebranding of the material so you can earn back-end revenue after the initial sale is complete.

Here is an example of a perfect product offered with PLR.

The kind of RRP's listed above are rare and typically don't come around very often. But they do come around and when they do you need to snatch them up immediately. If you can purchase the 'perfect' RRP the day it launches, then you can very likely earn several thousand dollars in just a few weeks!

As I mentioned earlier in this report, here are the ways to locate 'perfect' RRP's:

1. Hang out in forums frequently and browse the Special Offers section
2. Sign up for dozens of newsletters and hope that some day one of them alerts you when a new RRP is for sale.
3. Join a membership like Turbo Membership - The products offered to customers are 'perfect.' They have usually spent up to 2 months in research and development and have also been market tested before official launch. Plus you get TONS of products with all kind of rights through the “Vault” – Module 13. In reality, when you purchase Turbo Membership you are getting an entire business in a box!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this report and that it opened up your eyes to a few new possibilities that you may have otherwise been ignorant of. I wish you the best of luck and endless profits!

Gabor Olah


The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of the date of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the rights to alter and update his opinions based on the new conditions. This report is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author and his referrals cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.

Additional Resources
! The Barking Videos - You get 14 videos with details on ALL the methods you can use for sending TRAFFIC to your sites. Plus you get MASTER RESALE RIGHTS and can sell the access to those videos.
! For cheap domain names click here.
! For the best Autoresponder visit Aweber
! JVManager™ 2 Fantasos™ - Just the BEST eCommerce platforom available today online.

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