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Domain Name Registration FAQs
I have six names in my shopping cart awaiting checkout, but there is one name I do not want. Can I delete just that one, or do I have to delete all of them and start over?
How do I register a domain name?
How do I register a domain name that requires preconfiguration?
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Domain Name Transfer FAQs
Where can I see my existing transfer orders?
What is a domain name transfer?
If I can’t transfer my domain name but want to use your services, is there a way for me to do that?
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Domain Name Renewal FAQs
When can I renew a domain name?
How do I renew a domain name?
What is a domain name renewal?
Domain Control Panel FAQs
Name server / DNS FAQs
What are domain name servers?
When would I want to change name servers?
How do I change my name servers?
Host record FAQs
How do I set host records?
What are host records for?
What are the basic host records?
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MX and MXE record FAQs
What is an MX record?
Can I use multiple MX records to deliver mail to some addresses to one mail system and other addresses to another (for example, POP mail and third-party Hosted Exchange)?
Can I use MX records to direct mail to different servers based on host name (for example, user@mail2.example.com)
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DNS Hosting FAQs
What is DNS Hosting?
What TLDs can DNS Hosting be used with?
What products do I have access to with DNS Hosting?
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Contact Verification FAQs
How can I get my domain unsuspended?
What is WHOIS Contact Verification?
How does the Contact Verification process work?
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Watchlist FAQs
What is a TLD?
What is the lifecycle of a new TLD?
Where will I go for Pre-Registration, Sunrise and other periods before Go Live?
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