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Tips for Keeping Your Web Design within Your Budget

With years of experience in website design, I've spent a lot of time working with clients from all walks of life and around the world. Some have a lot of money and know what they want and don't mind paying for it, but then there's I've had clients that live on a very tight budget and have been burnt a few times and don't know where to turn with their last few bucks. As many of you with a website may already know, price shopping can be frustrating. To help you avoid this and get a better return on your investment, I'm providing a few tips that will help you to keep your website development within your budget without throwing your money away.

First, figure out what you want your website to do for you. Don't consider your budget in this process, just brainstorm and list all the features and functions of your ideal website.

  • Do you plan to sell products?
  • Do you want your customers to to interact with things like forms and polls?
  • Do you need a live support chat installed?

Now take that list and prioritize it from most important to least important. Ok now that you have your list go to our Free quote form and fill it out once that is done we will contact you with a fully broke down price for you. From there, you can decide which features and functions are completely necessary and which ones you can afford. Then we will sit down with you and being preparing your customized website so that it will be affordable to you and the any extra features you want in the future can be added later, when you can afford it, without starting over.

RNREWebSite Design was built on trust, and hard work and we can meet your deadlines, and won't quote a cheap project if it can't be done properly. Our main concern is client satisfaction, not only at the time of delivery but throughout the life of your website. This cannot be upheld by cramming together a cheap website.

Free Web Design Consultation!

Our free Website Consultation service allows you to receive feedback on what your new website could do, what it could look like and how we would go about achieving it. Whether you choose to work with us after that is up to you. Simply fill in the short consultation form and our Web Design team will put together some ideas for you.


Website Maintenance Plans

Frequently updating and enhancing your business or personal website is necessary to attract visitors. Some of our clients prefer to maintain their own websites, but others take advantage of our special maintenance plans. Having old dates, broken links, or badly formatted pictures? These things kill your credibility and send visitors away faster than not having a website. Putting your website on one of our maintenance plans, frees up valuable time for you, once on a plan we will continuously improving your site as well as ensuring it is always operational. We'll do the work so you don't have to. For your convenience, we have three maintenance plans to suit your needs and budget. Take a moment and see our maintenance plans




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